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Who is Madame Safiye?

Madam Safiye is one of Turkey’s leading specialists in the field of hair transplant and medical aesthetics. She completed her studies at the Health Vocational School in Turkey and then trained in Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Surgeries in Germany. After returning to Turkey, she successfully completed the Advanced Medical Technology training seminar in Ankara. She attended numerous training on hair transplantation and medical aesthetics and received many certificates.
Madame Safiye, who completed her dermatology residency in Russia and become a member of EHRS (European Hair Restoration Society), was the first person to be awarded the first certificate in Turkey regarding hair transplantation.

Madame Safiye , who set out with the principle of natural change, has made her first step into her career by doing private studies in 1997. She developed her works as Anatomic Image Maker which was the first of its kind in our country. Having developed her work in Anatomic Image Maker, as well as combining all the knowledge gained during her work and study in Turkey and Europe, she has become a successful imagemaker for many artists and businessmen. This success proved not only nationally but also abroad.
She is the first licensed Turkish hair transplant specialist in The United Arab Emirates has and therefore the Gulf countries. This success has been recognized worldwide (Middle East, Europe and many the different countries). She managed to sign agreements with special aesthetic institutions and carrying them to the international arena.
Patients from 65 countries of the world, including Ukraine, Russia and all CIS countries, as well as Mexico, Peru, Estonia, South Africa and South Korea choose Madame Safiye for hair, beard and eyebrow transplant.
Since 2007, she has been involved in countless hair transplant operations and has accompanied and conducted over 15,000 operations.
The NO-CUT method has also been the first step in hair transplant without cutting the hair. Thus, women who have hair loss problems can also find hair transplantation as a solution. In addition, she was one of the pioneers in applying PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in Turkey.

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  • My experience was very good here. Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Mali are first persons to meet me here. There behavior is very nice and sweet with me. I am happy to meet them. Doctor and other specialists treated me very nicely and professionally. I would like to come here again and send more persons. I am %100 satisfied here, treatment and service and everything…

    Nadeem Abbas KHAN
  • I want to say that for me it was a highlight how the whole Staff from the clinic treated me. About the operation, I must say that I am satisfied, really satisfied with.

    Augustin González Cruces
  • Honestly, I got a great care from the whole team and especially Madame Safiye and the medical assistant Liam, and I thank everyone for being such a great support.

    Abraham Jacobus Stander
  • The service was amazing and the whole team deserves a lot of respect.

    Charles Rettinghaus

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the hair transplant process take?

It takes nearly 8 hours.

Is hair transplant painful?

Since the hair grafts are taken under local anesthesia, this ensures that the patient does not feel pain during the transplant. Although there is a slight feeling of pressure, this does not cause a major loss of comfort. Likewise, the healing phase is completely painless.

How many days should be the resting phase after hair transplantation?

The rest phase we recommend is 8-10 days, after 8-10 days you can return to normal life. However, the patient who have to return to work can return to work within 3 days depending on the kind of their job.

How many days after the hair transplant can I wear a hat?

A hat can be worn 15 days after the hair transplant procedure, but our recommendation is not to wear a hat before 1 month

Will I experience temporary hair loss after hair transplantation?

3-4 weeks later, while the grafts are in the resting period, the transplanted hair is shed once so that the roots remain within the planted area. With regenerated hair, growth begins after about 10-12 weeks.

Can hair transplantation be done in both genders?

Men and women suffering from hair loss due to excess testosterone can undergo a hair transplant.

When can I get my new hair after hair transplantation?

4-6 months after hair transplantation, new hair starts to grow from the transplanted roots. The result of hair transplantation is completed in 12-18 months, which is the process of permanent hair growth. This depends on the habits, metabolism and genetic structure of the person.

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